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As we all know our country is facing tremendous development and reconstruction, the importance of metal industries, fabrication and erection is increasingly becoming obvious. Metal industries has involved in much of industrial works nowadays and it is a key and infrastructural part of today’s projects. Metal industries vital role in constant development and creating job opportunities, which are a vital need of our country, is not out anyone’s eye sight. In this field OPEC uses the modern and advanced technologies in design, calculation and fabricating the structures backed by years of its founders and staff experiences Performing technical engineering services in the country. Up to now OPEC has completed many projects successfully. Planning, controlling and inspecting the quality, time and cost is considered vital and important in doing the projects and we are following the above principles

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Storages are fabricated considering the environment pressure, high credibility in these storages are so important. So responding that need storages are designed and fabricated in accordance with API 650 and API 620 standards. And API 653 is used for storages condition analysis when they are to be used for the first time.OPEC produces both horizontal and vertical, under ground and above

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Being one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Guardrail road safety barriers, we contribute ourselves to the safety of road with our range of products.We offer a sophisticated, standardized approach to Guardrail fabrication. Our manufacturing process ensures that all holes, slots, and dimensions are %100 accurate for maximum compatibility with a wide variety of Guardrail systems. As a custom galvanized

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We use our own in-house resources to manage all required Engineering and Design activities to support our customers from preliminary studies in tendering stage to post commissioning services after completion of projects. • Providing design and engineering services for power transmission lines up to 400 kV including route selection. Sag & tension calculation, tower spotting. • Structural analysis, design

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The pre-engineered building system is, without doubt, one of the fastest growing building systems in the world, PEB structures account for more than %50 industrial and warehouse type buildings constructed in the 21st century. PEB Structures offers speed, quality and value. For today and in the future, Steel has become the material of choice in building construction, compared to concrete and

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